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Catalog 2017-18 
Catalog 2017-18 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Billing and Coding (C)

Certificate · Program Code: 190 ∙ Credit Hours: 34-36 · Contact Hours: 42-49

Vice President: Pete Olson

This certificate is designed for students interested in working in medical billing and coding departments of larger physician practices. With increasing emphasis on accountability in healthcare and the increasing complexity of federal coding requirements, demand for individuals trained in this field is expected to remain high.

This certificate prepares students at an appropriate level for understanding medical billing and coding in private physician and dental practices, and is useful as an additional certificate for individuals in the Medical Office Assistant or other Allied Health programs. Students who intend to seek work in medical billing and coding departments in hospitals should consider the AAS degree in Medical Billing and Coding.

There are two main certification organizations for this profession: the American Health Information Management Association (www.ahima.org) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (www.aapc.com). Students are encouraged to investigate and pursue certification opportunities.

The US Department of Education requires colleges to disclose specific information about certain certificate programs. The information falls under the umbrella term “Gainful Employment” and includes, but is not limited to, graduation rates of students enrolled in the program and the median debt of students who have completed the program. Click here to view “Gainful Employment” information for this program. http://www.ncmich.edu/registrar/GE2/Medical_Billing_and_Coding_CER/51.0713-Gedt.html

Suggested Sequence for Full-­Time Students: