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Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024

Associate of Arts (AA) Concentration in Global Studies

Associate of Arts (AA) with MTA Transfer 

Program Code: 388 ∙ Credit Hours: 60-68 ∙ Contact Hours: 63-77 

Dean: Sara Glasgow 

Prepares students as civically engaged, culturally aware, and environmentally conscious citizens to understand and respond ethically, creatively, and analytically to the complex, interconnected issues of contemporary global systems. The program emphasizes inter-and multidisciplinary inquiry, as well as foundational skills for original research. Students may apply these skills in a range of contexts, including original investigations, as well as experiential, service, and other learning opportunities. Graduates are thus prepared to transfer to four-year B.A. or B.S. completion programs in global or international studies, as well as cognate disciplines with which global studies are associated.

Program Outcomes
1. Analyze major global challenges from diverse interdisciplinary perspectives
2. Explain the interconnectedness among local and global events and decisions (or between local and global processes)
3. Produce potential solutions to global challenges from diverse interdisciplinary perspectives that promote well-being in the human and natural worlds
4. Apply citizenship principles ethically in multiple contexts.
5. Evaluate challenges involved with cultural interactions in a global context.

NOTE: General Education typically accounts for approximately 40 credits of the 60 credits required for an Associate of Arts (AA). Program requirements and electives make up the rest; please use these guidelines when distributing program requirements and electives, below. 


A student must successfully complete at least 30 credits, with at least a 2.0 in each course, to fulfill the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA).

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) Requirements

  • 1 Course in English Composition
  • A second course in English Composition or 1 course in Communications
  • 1 Course in Mathematics
  • 2 Courses in Social Sciences (from two disciplines)
  • 2 Courses in Humanities and Fine Arts (from two disciplines excluding studio and performance classes)
  • 2 Courses in Natural Sciences including one with laboratory experience (from two disciplines)

General Education Requirements: 38-43 Credit Hours

Sciences: 8-9 credit hours

Choose two (2) courses from at least two (2) different categories from the Sciences area listed in General Education Requirements. The below courses are RECOMMENDED: 


BIO 151  - General Biology I

BIO 152  - General Biology II

Earth Science

ESC 110  - Environmental Geology

ESC 150  - Weather and Climate

Social Sciences: 9 credit hours

Choose three (3) courses from at least two (2) different categories from the Social Sciences General Education Requirements listed below:

Program Electives: 6-15 Credit Hours

Choose the remaining courses needed to complete the 60-credit hour program requirement from at least two different alphas listed below that have NOT previously been taken.   


The below courses are RECOMMENDED: 

  • Students interested in People, Place and Politics should choose courses from the ANP, ECO, ENVS, GEO, PLS, and SOC alphas.  
  • Students interested in Culture, Beliefs, and Art should choose courses from ARTH, ENG, HST, MU, PHL, and REL alphas.

Suggested Sequence for Full-Time Students:


To graduate with a degree, a student must complete the total number of credit hours required for the degree being sought, even if courses have been waived or competency has been demonstrated through placement testing scores.

*When transferring to another college or university, you may be required to take the courses that were waived or competency demonstrated at North Central.