May 21, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medical Assistant (C)-Program Temporarily Suspended

Certificate · Program Code: 180 · Credit Hours: 34-36 · Contact Hours: 44-48

Dean: Brent LaFaive

Medical Assistant training provides diverse employment opportunities. Students in this program can develop skills necessary for entry-level employment in the healthcare field. Special emphasis is placed on increasing skills needed to work in physicians’ offices and health clinics. Students must complete a minimum of 34 credit hours to earn a certificate in Medical Assisting. This program also has a Work-Based Learning component.

Since this program is very rigorous and demanding, students should consider carefully their outside work schedule given the requirements of the program, and especially in AH 285  (Work Based Learning Medical Assistant) where students will be placed for 10 hours each week of a normal semester in a clinical setting (20 hours each week in a shortened summer semester) and complete one hour of exam review each week (two hours each week in a shortened summer semester). Students should also realize that they may be expected to travel as much as 40-80 miles one way for work-based learning placements at regional offices or clinics so as not to overload a single clinical site. Every effort will be made to assign students to clinical and externship sites fairly.

Upon successful completion of the program and graduation from North Central Michigan College, students are eligible to take the Registered Medical Assistant certification examination offered by American Medical Technologies.  North Central offers NCCT (National Center for Competency Testing) on campus for Medical Assistant graduates.

This is a selective admission program. Students must apply for entry into the program each time they wish to be considered (i.e. applications will not be kept on file from one application period to the next). To be considered for final acceptance, students must be enrolled at North Central, have completed required courses (AH 130  or BIO 133 , OAS 116 ) and have completed an Allied Health Program application. Applications must be submitted to the Dean of Nursing, Allied Health and Science by March 1 for fall enrollment and October 1 for winter enrollment.

Criteria for admission include a completed Allied Health Program application, completion of courses required before admission (AH 130  or BIO 133 , OAS 116 ), with a minimum of a C+, successful completion of other courses in the MA program shared with other programs (such as B 104  or MATH 120  (or higher), OAS 141  or OAS 145 , OAS 220 , OAS 221 ) and relevant work experience. Acceptance is not guaranteed. Students may not enroll in AH 107 , AH 108  and AH 285  until they have been accepted into the MA program. North Central will order a criminal background check on all students accepted into the program. Students may be denied admission based on the results of the background check.

Additional information:
Students are strongly encouraged to complete B 104  or MATH 120  (or higher) prior to applying to the program, since B 104  or MATH 120  (or higher) is a prerequisite for AH 180 .

All Allied Health core classes in the Medical Assistant program (AH 130  or BIO 133 , OAS 116 , AH 107 , AH 108 , AH 180  and AH 285 ) must be completed with a minimum of a C+.

AH 107  and AH 108  and AH 180  and OAS 190  and OAS 220  and OAS 221  must be completed before enrollment into Work-Based Learning AH 285 .

Students must show proof of current CPR certification (American Heart Association: BLS for Healthcare Providers or American Red Cross: CPR for the Professional Rescuer) prior to the start of AH 285 . North Central’s EMS 101 , CPR and First Aid, satisfies this requirement.

Students must have basic computer skills, ability to type at 30 wpm and use a computer mouse, access the internet and have knowledge of word processing programs.



* Must be completed before AH 107 ; students may apply to the MA program while they are taking AH 130  or BIO 133  and OAS 116 , but must maintain or exceed the GPA used for calculating admission to remain eligible for admission to the program.

** Must complete AH 107 , AH 108 , AH 180 , OAS 190 , and OAS 220  and OAS 221  prior to enrolling in this class.

Additional Requirements: Choose 1 Credit Hour

Suggested Sequence for Full-­Time Students: