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Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024

Early Childhood Education (AAS)

Associate of Applied Science ∙ Program Code: 280 · Credit Hours: 60-63 · Contact Hours: 69-73

Associate Dean: Michele Andrews ∙ Coordinator: Jennifer Wixson

The Early Childhood Education Associate of Applied Science program prepares students for immediate entry into the workforce educating and caring for young children in a variety of settings. Early Childhood Education professionals have specialized training in the care and education of children birth to age eight. Graduates are prepared to teach in Head Start programs, preschools, childcare centers and primary grade classrooms as instructional aides. Graduates are also on the path to be child care center directors or highly qualified licensed family childcare providers.

Early Childhood Education students will need to have transportation to and from field placements, meet state licensing health and safety requirements for adults working with children in early childhood classrooms, pass a background check, and perform within the guidelines of the participating agencies during field placements in  ECE 282   - ECE Practicum/Seminar. Students are required to meet with the Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator for the required paperwork and program audit prior to enrollment in ECE 282  - ECE Practicum/Seminar. Upon graduation, students will have approximately 200 hours of combined observation and participation experience in early childhood classrooms.


*Course may be waived (requirements met, but course credit not given) if the student presents documentation of current First Aid and CPR certifications.

Prior to enrolling in ECE 282  Practicum/ Seminar, students are required to meet with the ECE Program Coordinator for required field placement forms and a program audit.

Program Electives: 6 Credit Hours

Select two (2) courses from one of the following Focuses (Business or Education) to complete requires credits for program.

Suggested Sequence for Full time Students: