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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

SRG 120 - Surgical Technologist I (10 credit hours)

Offered in Fall Term-Odd years only (7-4-4)
Surgical Technologist I is the first in the four-semester sequence for Surgical Technologist students.  Students are introduced to the discipline of surgical technology, responsibilities to their patients and their fellow team members. They review issues of legality and ethics in the surgical setting, communication and teamwork. Surgical Technologist I includes current content related to microbes and the process of infection, sterile techniques, transporting, transferring and positioning the surgical patient. Fundamental principles of anesthesia, physiological monitoring, and computer technology. Course format includes lecture, lab practice and clinical observations.
PREREQUISITE(S): Admission to the Surgical Technologist program, BIO 226 , BIO 235 , BIO 236 , EMS 101 , ENG 111 , MATH 112  and OAS 116 .
Master Syllabi: https://share.ncmich.edu/academics/master_syllabi