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Catalog 2020-2021 
Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EMS 270 - Paramedic Field Internship (4 credit hours)

Offered in Winter Term (0-0-16)
Supervised experience in the pre-hospital care setting in a private paramedic service or an ambulance based paramedic service. This will aid the paramedic student in an understanding of the Advanced Life Support system. This will provide the student with the opportunity to utilize skills as a team member and progress to function as a team leader under the direct supervision of a paramedic in a field setting. Includes directing activities at the scene, delegating patient care responsibilities and providing coordination of events from dispatch to the transfer of patient care to the emergency care physician. Students are required to maintain current immunizations, health insurance and BLS for the professional rescuer.
PREREQUISITE(S): Successful completion of all paramedic program requirements (EMS 110  or equivalent, BIO 133 , EMS 120 , EMS 130 , EMS 220 , EMS 230 ) with a “C” or higher.
Master Syllabi: https://share.ncmich.edu/academics/master_syllabi