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Catalog 2019-2020 
Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Services and Resources

Academic Advising

North Central Academic Advisors provide assistance so that students achieve success in their educational programs. They explain college policies and services, degree requirements and transferability, and help students with schedule planning and graduation checks. Students who place into developmental coursework are required to speak with an advisor prior to enrollment in classes and prior to making changes to their class schedules. Advisors are available through Student Services in Petoskey, and hold office hours in Gaylord and Cheboygan, most often by appointment.

Counseling Services

North Central licensed professional counselors help students adjust to college life, assist with curriculum choices, provide career exploration services and provide support to those experiencing social and emotional problems that interfere with academic success. Counselors maintain a cooperative liaison with service agencies in the community and help students find needed services not available at the College. Counseling services are free, confidential and available in fall and winter semesters through Student Services.

Career Assessment

Assessments are available to help students select appropriate college majors and career areas: the Strong Interest Inventory and its iStartStrong version, and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator© (MBTI©). All are completed online, and each generally takes 30 minutes. The Strong and Myers-Briggs assessments involve a mandatory interpretation session with a counselor during regular business hours. The iStart Strong version of the Strong Interest Inventory is a web-based, self-explanatory test that does not require counselor interpretation. A fee is charged for each assessment.

EMSI Career Coach- is a web-based career exploration tool helping students make the connection between North Central programs and the careers that are available. Students can quickly find a career that’s right for them based on relevant job market information and enroll in a program that best fits their goals, and aligns with their passions.

Health and Accident Insurance for Students

Group health and accident insurance programs are recommended for all students. The coverage should be designed to protect the student from medical expenses resulting from accidents and illness, including those which occur off campus and during semester breaks or authorized absences, and 24-hour protection for 12 months should be available. Students are encouraged to contact their family insurance carrier. Information on insurance policies specifically designed for college students is available in Student Services.

Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services provides access to Accommodation Services for Disabilities, Tutoring and Study Skills Resources and the Math Lab computer software.  Testing Services include CLEP®, CNA, ACCUPLACER®, DSST, GED® and Test Proctoring for North Central Michigan College as well as other institutions, and specific vocational certification testing.  The offices of Veteran Services and Women’s Resources are also located in this office area.

For more information please call (231)348-6682.

Accessibility / Accommodations

The Director of Learning Support Service is the coordinator for campus accessibility and accommodations for North Central which include:

  • A.D.A. / 504 Compliance on Campus
  • Coordinating Support Services
  • Referrals
  • Reasonable academic accommodations (including testing accommodations)
  • Implementation of accommodations (support to faculty and students)
  • Provision of appropriate assistive technology
  • Promoting disability awareness and inclusion in the College Community

Contact Learning Support Services in the Student and Community Resource Center (room 533) for information on accessibility and to register for accommodation services available on campus.  Eligibility for academic accommodations is determined via request and interview process, including submission of appropriate documentation of disability and current student status.  Services are provided as mandated under Title II of the Americans with Disability Act, Amendments Act (ADAAA) of 2008 and Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Services are also available to any student who has declared an intent or has formally enrolled in an occupational certificate or degree program at North Central and is qualified with one or more of the following:

  • a hidden or obvious disability
  • is economically disadvantaged, including foster children and financial aid recipients
  • has limited English proficiency
  • is preparing for a non-traditional career
  • is a single parent (including single pregnant women)
  • is a displaced homemaker
  • has other barriers to educational achievement

Call (231) 348-6682 for more information.

CLEP® Testing

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP®) is available through Learning Support Services by appointment. These subject-specific tests allow a student to demonstrate mastery of a subject and thus earn college credit. North Central will accept CLEP® credit with scores of 50 or above. Both CLEP® and North Central charge fees for this testing. CLEP® testing cannot be used to replace a grade in a course previously taken.

CLEP® Exam Procedures

  • CLEP® exams are purchased during the registration process at http://clep.collegeboard.org.
  • North Central charges a $20 proctoring fee per exam.  Check the CLEP® website for up-to-date test fees.
  • An appointment is required to take the CLEP® at North Central.  CLEP® exams are 90 minutes to two-hours long depending on the subject.  An additional 15 minutes is needed for the North Central admission procedure.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Photo identification with a signature is required at time of testing.
  • A list of North Central-accepted exams is available at www.ncmich.edu/advising/clep.html.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call (231) 348-6682.

GED® Testing

The General Education Development (GED®) is available in Learning Support Services by appointment.  The four subject area test, when passed, certifies that the test taker has High school-level academic skills.  To learn more about GED® testing go to www.ged.com or to North Central’s website at www.ncmich.edu/advising/ged.html.

DSST Testing

DSST is a Credit by Exam Program designed to grant college credits for prior learning.  Exams are offered in 30+ subjects.  Earn credit for knowledge you have acquired through independent study, prior course work, on-the-job training, military service, professional development, cultural pursuits and internships. Go to www.getcollegecredit.com to learn more about DSST testing or go to North Central’s website at www.ncmich.edu/advising/dsst.html.

Credit for Prior Learning

North Central Michigan College recognizes that current license or certification represents learning for which credit may be granted. Therefore, the College assesses state licenses/certification as part of its credentialing function. Any student who has applied to North Central Michigan College may apply for license or certification credit evaluation. Upon verification a student is required to pay $25, per contact hour, for credit to be transcribed.  The following is a list of current licenses and/or certifications which may be considered for credit.

State of Michigan Basic EMT License or National Registry

EMT Certification

EMT Basic

(EMS 110-12 contact hours)

State of Michigan Certified Nurse Aide

Certified Nurse Aide Training

(AH 154-7 contact hours)

Credit is limited to specific credentials.  Additional experience and/or documentation unique to each credential may be required.  Students may contact the Registrar’s Office, Student Services (231) 439-6347, to request the Credit for Prior Learning form that needs to be completed and submitted.  Upon receipt and verification of License/Certification student will be notified of acceptance, and payment must be received prior to credit being posted on a student’s transcript.  Credit will be posted within 14 business days after receipt of payment and will be noted as “Credit for Prior Learning”.

Note: North Central Michigan College’s decision to award credit for license or certification does not obligate any other institution to accept such credits in transfer. Receiving institutions reserve the right to assess transcripts of incoming students and award credit as they see fit. Credits received by students that are based on license or certification will not be used to award financial aid or veteran’s benefits, but will be considered in determining eligibility.

North Central Michigan College does not accept the transfer of credit for license or certification awarded at other institutions.

Progress Alert Notification Program

The Progress Alert Notification (PAN) program is managed by Student Services and Learning Support Services, in conjunction with College Faculty and Community Partners. The mission is to provide prompt, individualized and progressive support to the student’s individual needs.  Instructors submit individual communications to students via a referral system to academic advisers, linking services and support, promoting success and overcoming barriers  As an early intervention and continued support program, PAN is geared to enable students to succeed and remain connected to resources and services. 

Tutoring Services

Free tutoring coordination is available to North Central students for any course offered at the College. Tutors may include students, faculty or community volunteers who meet specific academic criteria in a subject area. If you have had trouble with a subject in the past or are having trouble keeping up with the pace of the assignments in the course you’re taking, it’s probably a good idea to work with a tutor for all or part of the semester. Tutors are arranged on an as-needed basis, per the request of the student.  Nettutor® is an online tutoring service also available to each student in their Brightspace® course portal.  Study Support Tutors are available to build study skills, develop positive study habits, improve class organization and planning techniques for online and in-seat courses.

How Does Tutoring Work?

  • Tutoring sessions usually last for about an hour, one day a week, for the duration of the semester.
  • Tutors do not do your homework; they teach you how to do your homework. Bring your books, notes and a copy of your class syllabus to every tutoring session.
  • Have specific questions ready to ask your tutor.
  • Your tutor can help you learn study skills and how to set achievable goals.
  • Consistent class attendance is required of students who receive tutoring. Tutors do not replace the instructor.

For more information about tutoring services, call (231) 348-6687.

Test Proctoring

Learning Support Services provides proctoring for make-up and alternate testing to North Central students at no charge, and for a fee for students from other schools. Call (231) 348-6682 for more information. Photo ID is required for all testing.


The Library offers students, faculty, staff and guests a welcoming, comfortable and quiet space for research and study. In addition to providing access to traditional print services, including books, periodicals and newspapers, the Library also offers its users access to digital materials (articles, ebooks, videos) through various online database and research tools.  Digital resources are available both on and off-campus and are accessed through the Library website.  The Library is a Federal Depository and maintains a collection of print and online government documents. 

A variety of other study help and research support services are available at the Library, including desktop computers, laptops, study rooms, headphones, course reserve textbooks, and printing and copying services are accessible to students.  Assistance with research and instruction on using Library tools is available daily by phone at (231) 348-6615, by email at library@ncmich.edu or in-person. Visit the library website to learn more about Library resources and services at http://www.ncmich.edu/resources-support/library/

Women’s Resource Center

The Women’s Resource Center of Northern Michigan, Inc. (WRCNM), is a non-college organization with offices at North Central Michigan College. The WRCNM offers educational scholarships, career guidance and exploration, resume development, job search assistance, academic advising and advocacy as well as community referrals. The WRCNM on-campus office is located in the Learning Support Services area of the Student and Community Resource Center and can be reached at (231) 348-6699.

WRCNM counseling and advocacy services are available on campus or at WRCNM offices in Petoskey, Cheboygan, Gaylord and Mancelona. Master’s-level therapists and counselor/advocates have specialized training and experience in providing services to survivors and others impacted by domestic abuse, sexual assault and rape, child sexual assault, child abuse, sex trafficking and stalking. Counselors provide support and advocacy to assist survivors and their families. Counseling, advocacy and support groups are provided to survivors at no cost.  Call the WRCNM main office for more information or to schedule an appointment, at (231) 347-0067, or the 24-hour crisis and information line at (231) 347-0082 or 800-275-1995. Learn more at www.wrcnm.org


North Central Michigan College is recognized by the Department of Education of the State of Michigan. The College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association. Certain programs at North Central also carry additional approval status and/or national accreditation. Documents describing licensing and accreditation are available for review in the President’s office.

North Central is a member of the American Association of Community Colleges, the Michigan Community College Association and the Association of Community College Trustees.

Achieving the Dream

North Central is a member of the Achieving the Dream initiative, which was launched by the Lumina Foundation and seven founding partner organizations in 2004. Today, Achieving the Dream is the most comprehensive, non-governmental reform network for student success in higher education history. North Central joins more than 200 colleges across 32 states and the District of Columbia to help 3.8 million community college students realize greater economic opportunity and achieve their dreams.