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Catalog 2018-19 
Catalog 2018-19 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ENVS 270 - Community-based Environmental Literacy (3 credit hours)

Offered in Winter Term-Even years only (3-0-0)
Theory, history and methods used in the community-based environmental literacy movement. Specific topics include the history, theories and methods of the movement, especially as they pertain to raising awareness about key principles and concepts of environmental literacy. Such principles and concepts include Earth as a physical and a living system, and the roles of human social systems in interrelationship with nature. As a summative experience, all students will complete an applied final project wherein they plan, develop and deliver their own environmentally-themed nature awareness activity to a target audience in an outdoor natural environment. Course features a dynamic use of outdoor field experiences.
Master Syllabi: https://share.ncmich.edu/academics/master_syllabi